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The following list shows all of the plants we have in stock, or are likely to have in stock for the next growing season, listed alphabetically.  You can find out more about the plants listed by clicking on the "view" link adjacent to the plant listing.

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GenusSpeciesCultivarCommon NameIn Stock 
AchilleamillefoliumCerise QueenYarrow view
AchilleaptarmicaBenary's PearlSneezewort view
AchilleasibericaLove Parade  view
AconitumbicolorMother of PearlMonkshood view
Aconitumlycoctonum syn. Vulparia Wolf's Bane view
Aconitumnapellus Monkshood view
AconitumseptentrionaleIvorineMonkshood view
Aconitumx arendsii (carmichaelii) Monkshood view
AgapanthuspraecoxHeadbourne BlueAfrican Blue Lily view
Agastachefoeniculum (anisata) Anise Hyssop view
AjugareptansCaitlan's GiantCarpet Bugle view
AlcearoseaSimplex HybridsHollyhock view
AlchemillamollisSelectLady's Mantle view
Alliumaflatuense syn. HollandicumPurple SensationOrnamental Onion view
Alliumbulgaricum syn.Nectaroscordum siculum Ornamental Onion view
Alliumcaeruleum (azureum) Ornamental Onion view
Alliumcernuum Nodding Onion view
Alliumchristophii Ornamental Onion view
Alliumkarataviense Ornamental Onion view
AlliummolyLuteumGolden Garlic view
Alliumnigrum Ornamental Onion view
Alliumschubertii Ornamental Onion view
Alliumsphaerocephalon Round-headed Leek view
Alliumtriquetrum Ornamental Onion view
Alliumtuberosum Chinese Chives, Garlic Chives view
Alstroemeriaaurantiaca Peruvian Lily view
Anchusaazurea (italica)DropmoreAlkanet view
AnemoneblandaMixWind Flower view
Anemonehupehensis syn. Japonica Japanese Anemone view
Anemonelyallii Wind Flower view
AnemonenemorosaRobinsonianaWood Anemone view
Angelicagigas Angelica view
AnthemistinctoriaKelwayiGolden Marguerite view
AnthriscussylvestrisRavenswingQueen Ann's Lace view
AquilegiacanadensisLittle LanternsColumbine, Granny's Bonnet view
Aquilegiaclematiflora Columbine, Granny's Bonnet view
AquilegiaclematifloraAlbaColumbine, Granny's Bonnet view
Aquilegiavulgaris Columbine, Granny's Bonnet view
AquilegiavulgarisAlba (Munstead White)Columbine, Granny's Bonnet view
AquilegiavulgarisHeidiColumbine, Granny's Bonnet view
Aruncusaethusifolius Noble Spirit view
AruncusdioicusSylvesterGoats Beard view
Arundinariajaponicasyn. Pseudosasa japonicaBamboo view
Asphodelinelutea King's Spear, Yellow Asphodel, Yellow candle view
Astilbearendsii   view
AstilbearendsiiBella  view
AstilbearendsiiShowstar  view
Astrantiamajor Masterwort view
AstrantiamajorRose symphonyMasterwort view
AstrantiamajorRuby CloudMasterwort view
AstrantiamajorRuby Wedding seriesMasterwort, Hattie's Pincushion view
Astrantiamaxima Masterwort view

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